Batman a new type of superhero !!

Hi, my name is Adrian and my nickname is Batman and i have been asked to write this blog, because i have been involved in Streets Revolution from the beginning. I have been involved in Streets Revolution from the beginning. A bit about me; I have been homeless one and off for about 5 years, when I started Streets Revolution I was taking drugs on a daily basis from cannabis to heroin. Why? Well actually I felt it was how I was forgetting about all my problems and a way of escaping. But, I was always into my football way back when I used to play Northway boys, from the age of 5 I got my first ever football kit which was a blue and white Manchester United kit.

So even though I was homeless and using drugs I still got a buzz from kicking a ball around with my mates. So when Jon Regler (Chairman) came along to the hostel and started coaching the team at Lucy Faithfull, I was well up for it and as time passed we spoke about more football and starting a new team for everyone who felt like me.

The Revolutionaries with ( Captain Adrian ) left in the top row

Streets Revolution has helped me in so many ways, it has helped me move from, a dark place to see a more positive image of myself. Since the beginning I have been involved in the committee meetings and have had a voice into how it runs and what we do. It’s probably the first time that I have been a part of something.

Football is great I get so much out of it, I feel totally different like I am a Superstar. I’ve got fitter and I think I have become a better footballer, some might argue, but generally it makes me feel happy knowing I have moved forward from that dark place.

Hopes for the future include me doing my FA Coaching badges, taking the training and maybe being paid to coach in Streets Revolution and beyond. My fitness is improving but still more to improve. I have been clean and off drugs for 3 months and this is partly due to Streets Revolution (Thank you!) I’m working with Streets Revolution to help me in other areas in life, including rebuilding my relationship with my children.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments feel free to get in touch.