Homeless means…..

I have been getting excited with only 3 days to go to the Homeless World Cup in Paris.
Every year players from all corners of the world come together in celebration and recognition of the hard work and effort they have made to get themselves on an even keel again.

It led me to think what does it mean to be homeless?

Maybe it is better to say what it isn’t rather than what it is.

It isn’t PERMANENT, it is for a lot of people a circumstance, sometimes a long time, but either at the beginning or the end of adult life.

It isn’t the END, alot of people will move forward or return to lead a positive life again.

It isn’t CATCHING, it’s not a disease in which you can by contact alone become homeless yourself.

Although some would argue it is a plague or epidemic, which unless as a society we collectively agree we have to eradicate, will only grow in numbers.

It is not HOPELESS, we can all make a difference, in small ways locally, nationally and globally we can help, be creative.

We at Streets Revolution have found one way as have similar projects around the world.

It’s about being creative to find small ways YOU can help!!!

It isn’t about STEREOTYPES, every person I have met had a unique story and a unique struggle.

Labelling is a big factor, and only enables the problem to remain, maybe by listening to the personal stories from all the players at the Homeless World Cup, you will gain a better understanding.

A maybe, just maybe that’s how a BALL CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.