A champion in every sense…..

If anyone ever doubts or wonders how football and sport can change peoples lives for the positive, then they need to read the blog below written and expressed so articulately by one of our leading players and I would say change makers in the group. Hopefully someone, somewhere will make the courageous steps he did to change his life and get involved…..a champion in every sense.


I am one but a privileged few to be apart of social inclusion, not only as user, but as a supportive role to assist wherever possible. Beset with agoraphobia, social anxiety and depression in my early years, I first sought to link up with organisations (coasters) and eventually streets revolution, it has helped my transition of being a user of such services to becoming a more supportive role for current users within social inclusion.

The Social inclusion Cup recently held at Warneford hospital was a success for many reasons I believe. Awareness – It highlighted that no matter what varying degrees of disability (mental) a person may have, all are welcome. Togetherness – On the day of the event many teams entered into the social inclusion, and many people bonded and became friends from other teams. From my perspective this creates a sense of self – worth to feel apart of something. Networking and Interaction – Through initiatives we were also able to interact with local organisations through a series of team challenges to undergo tasks and complete criteria. It was a tremendously exciting and engaging way to be encouraged and educated whilst simultaneously interacting with people and local organisations.

The social inclusion cup was a fantastic spectacle for all on the day. From users to spectators it was a great day to bring people together. Such was the togetherness, not only from my own football team, but from others too – It felt like I didn’t just make friends on the day, but rather inherited a whole new big family!!!

Sport has the power to change the world. The power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way little else can”.

Nelson Mandela.

From my perspective the social inclusion cup has the power to break through societal boundaries and include people such as myself, so I am able to develop key skills and use these as a platform to build and apply these to future social inclusion cups in a supportive capacity.