From Panic to Project Coordinator

I finally managed to get a few words together with our project coordinator from our NEW project in SUTTON, Kyra Annancy.

I met Kyra in July 2012 prior to the E.A.S.I (European Association Social Inclusion) Cup being held in Graz, Austria. her husband Jon was part of SR Huntingdon and had been invited to take part in the trip.

“my husband was already involved with them and training he was going to Austria with SR and I was at a very low point with my mental health and went to the unity in the community event and met Jon Regler,we had a chat and discussed my issues with it all and spoke about SR in general and we both had ideas to help SR”

Kyra was encouraged like everyone we meet to get involved and take part, she was clearly at a low point and nervous about spending time apart and without support. We soon got together and she started to be actively involved volunteering and helping where ever she could.

SR Huntingdon with Kyra Annancy(Project Coordinator)
SR Huntingdon with Kyra Annancy(Project Coordinator) in the front

It was clear that Kyra and I shared the vision of what Streets Revolution was   about and took to doing more and more within the project culminating with the organising and fundraising for the first Cambridgeshire Social Inclusion Cup( Check out the Video) and then when Steve Woodford was moving on into a full time job, she took the mantle.

“Since I became involved in SR, it has provided sports activities to not just benefit a community but benefit a individual one being my self. I’ve become a fitter and more outgoing and confident person thanks to SR seeing the changes whether they are small or big is amazing and to know you where apart of that is humbling without them I would most likely still be in the same state of mind that was set upon me by others, that I was ‘worthless’ and would never achieve anything with SR, I learnt I can achieve anything I learnt my strengths and used them to a advantage for myself and others I’m more positive its taught me to take a risk and setting up a new project in a new area its a risk but before meeting them it a risk I would have never taken up or thought twice about.”

The guys and girls at the Wiltshire Social Inclusion Cup
The guys and girls at the Wiltshire Social Inclusion Cup 2012

I asked her what her main achievements were(and there were many)?

“I’ve achieved better self confidence and learnt what my strengths are and how to apply them to a situation I’m more outgoing and have become more organised not only was I able to raise money as a fundraiser and get people involved but I was able to run a project and sustain it with confidence SR has given me not just day to day skills but life skills and friends for life”

I believe in simple terms she has found her voice and and purpose and know that she is capable of so much more and the best is yet to come, its fair to say she has good and bad days, like all of us, but the future is bright for Streets Revolution with people like Kyra on board.

Plans for the project in Sutton include football, food, arts and crafts and many more……..

If you want to support her and the new SR SUTTON please email or call 07731576627 i know she would love to hear from you.

Also leave a comment or feedback : )

Jon Regler