Does it really matter?

I am always looking and seeking out interesting examples of how other people around the world are doing their bit as it were.
I find inspiration in some unusual places including TED Talks
One of these talks made me wonder are we effective and how do you know if it really matters?

The truth is found in what YOU are passionate about or maybe should be.

Who as one of these talks suggested wouldn’t stop to help an old lady up or a child who tripped in front of you.

Most of us react in these situations without hesitation.

I suppose the challenge is about filtering the flood of information that comes our way, from social media, 24 hour news channels and local people and charities pushing their cause onto you.

It only becomes a priority if its personal, if the heart makes a connection.


When we give, it’s giving a little piece of us, whether financially, emotionally or physically. Whether its time or energy. It’s a risk a choice that for some is scary.

I know what I get back by giving and the rewards are huge, it makes me a more complete person and a sense of Wellbeing I haven’t found in anything else in life.

Surely that’s as effective as anything else we do.

Does it matter? It does to me and who I am. It does to the person you gave some time too, who really needed someone to talk to today.

It matters to the person who because you made a donation got the HOPE in his/ her life that was so desperately missing.

It matters to the little boy you write to who gets a letter from someone who cares enough about a stranger.

So don’t walk past stop see where it matters and act instinctively, just like the lady who you would have picked up.
I was tempted to add our link to ways you could contribute to Streets Revolution , but I know that you give in many ways already and just want to let you know IT MATTERS.


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