The Numbers game

I was thinking the other day about the reams of statistics that are available only minutes sometimes after the final whistle of my beloved team.

Who run how far,How many passes, Total possession etc

Numbers proving only that statistics can prove almost anything.

Ultimately in football as in society it’s the result that matters, the rest is opinion, musings for pundits and radio shows.

No one really remembers who had most possession it’s about the winners and losers, sometimes it’s a draw I know , but mostly it’s the outcome that sticks in the footballing memory.

No body remembers how much passion had in the cup final in 2005. Just that we won on penalties( I know we were lucky).


Charts like the one above breakdown the routes/causes of homelessness in England.

Figures are being banned around in varying degrees as to the % of increase in homelessness since the coalition took control and the double dip recession ( whatever that really means?) hit our economy.

But what is the result? Whilst I understand it needs quantifying and these statistics fuel the argument.
The TRUE result is winners and losers.

It’s personal it’s people. A mental health campaign used an image I love.


No need here for percentages, pie charts and graphs, just simply it’s about people.

I hope next time the conversation about homelessness or mental health comes up, you don’t ask what’s the statistics say? You ask what’s the people saying, what’s the result.

The comparison is a flippant one, but if it is a numbers game, then we’re going into the second half trailing 2-0 and already lost half our team to injury and suspension with a not so impartial referee.

Cries of “You don’t know what your doing ” spring to mind.