A Greek Philosophy 

Yesterday I caught up with the Greek team and I videod their responses. Apologies for the background noise. 
Here is the unedited version. 
I found some of the answers profound and they spoke as always from their heart. 

We continue the questions. They expressed what it felt to be Homeless and Invisible. 

The sense of belonging to the team and each other, unity beyond borders. A unique experience in the world. 

They may not be the best team on the pitch,  but off it their quality shines through. 

They know that they should never give up. 


I know I for one am better for knowing them. I hope you see the spirit that despite all the well documented problems in Greece. They will never give up. 



2 thoughts on “A Greek Philosophy 

  1. kritikos panos

    jonathan very pleasant to share this conversation with you.all very proud of it.best wishes for what you doing i hope to talk to you very soon

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