We’re Turning Perceptions

As a certain soda advert slogan says “what’s the worst thing that can happen”.
At Streets Revolution we are dealing with people everyday, who for them this is a reality of daily life.

I had a chilled afternoon watching the drama of ‘Survival Sunday’ unfold in the premiership.

Watching grown men and women cry, others celebrating with strangers as teams stayed up whilst others were relegated.

Bill Shankly famously said “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

I sometimes wish we felt the same about homelessness or poverty, unemployment or social injustices locally and globally.

When I get a call in the middle of all this drama, from someone in the middle of a REAL drama, it reminded me of why we wanted to start Streets Revolution in the first place.

It wasn’t to discover the next Lionel Messi or create a team to play like Barcelona.

Nor was it to just purely to create another project that operated locally, but had no lasting impact.

Our strap line from the beginning was ‘we’re turning perceptions’.

That means we are about change, long lasting wholesale change, in peoples minds from those that come to any session we put on or volunteer for us.

To the public who hear about us and people in the public sector who debate what to do about our ‘participants’.

It’s about sharing a common purpose, we should all want the same things CHANGE it’s a measure of a civilised society how it looks after the weakest in our midst, not how successful or rich the top is.
If we stay true to the original purpose and never forget, quit, or compromise from that mission, I for one believe we can change a lot of people along the way.
Whether that’s in Oxford or Kenya or beyond, we believe in a long lasting Revolution.