Everyone needs a guide

It's been a while since I've written about what's happening in SR(Streets Revolution) and believe me when I say a lot has happened in that time.
We have different directors now and this has helped guide the next evolution of SR.

I've visited our project on Tanzania met some amazing people and guided them on the beginning of their journey. I'm going to be writing a separate blog about that soon, so I'll hold fire on any more details. Although if you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you may have already caught a glimpse of the magical experience.

In this blog I wanted to stop, reflect and talk about the opportunity to have people guide you along the journey.

It's become clearer as the months and years have passed, we are treading a very different path than I thought 7 years ago.

You probably have heard the expression "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey." I truly believe that and wanted to elaborate on what that means for me and if we're on a journey, sometimes you need a guide to show the way, right?

Everyone, and I mean everyone at some point gets either stuck or lost, not knowing which direction to go. Especially if your a founder, self starter or CEO, everyone's looking at you for that direction.

It can be a lonely, scary place.

The good news is that there are people out there to help, people who for the price of a coffee will share their knowledge, experience and thoughts about where you find yourself and how to unblock the impasse.

They are MENTORS and if you look carefully they are all around you.

I've had 2 mentors recently with different backgrounds and each one has helped me figure out what the next steps are and how we should move forward.

I also like to think that at the core of what we do at SR is mentoring individual like minded people to help them change their communities, no matter what the scale or direction.

Obviously that will look different in different countries and places. Ultimately we are learning from each other.

I hope you find that someone and also that you realise you could be THAT person for someone else. We all need a guide in life or business.

We can all be so close to the problem you can't see the wood for the trees. Take a minute to talk with someone you like and respect who has travelled a path successfully to see what you can learn, it's never too late.

I encourage you all to keep following your passion and find a guide to get you there.

Please visit our website and Social media sites that find out more about our journey.

Jon Regler(CEO)


Leadership….we all can, but who will?

I have been a bit slow in keeping this up to date, partly due to the ever growing family of Streets Revolution and the many projects we now have.

Whilst randomly ‘googling’ stuff, I came across a wonderful video that helped me understand how Streets Revolution has organically grown from that simple idea in a field in Oxford in 2010.

We are growing rapidly and as this year alone has proved people around us are beginning to understand what is possible if we all come together.


After watching this video and then realising what had happened in SR, the people that follow are the true leaders in Streets Revolution.

Guys like Steve Woodford our Project Coordinator in Huntingdon, who recently won a leadership award in his community, changing his perceptions about himself and others around him, now people are following him.

Steve Woodford(SR Huntingdon=Project Coordinator) and Jon Regler(Chairman) with his Award

Patrick Hato in SR Kenya, who despite many obstacles is leading a revolution in his community and others follow his example and has become a role model , all the key principals in changing the person and the community.

Patrick Hato (SR Kenya- Project Coordinator) giving a team talk
SR Uganda run by our project coordinator Mukasa, has grown the project from nothing, he has followed Pattrick’s example. He has big plans and great ideas, you need vision to become a leader.

We all see people around us, that have the potential to achieve great things, this is at the core of what we believe at Streets Revolution. The truth is that it takes real courage to believe in yourself the easy part is to believe in others.

I am rewarded every time a picture is loaded on our facebook page and have conversations with players and coordinators who themselves have had to overcome some major hardships to reach this point in their lives and are ready to give back.

We welcomed recently a new member of our ‘family’ Jim Cook, who despite and because of his past is ready to make the difference where he is. SR Portsmouth will flourish, not because of the idea, not because of any amount of money(although it helps), but because of the drive and determination of individuals like these.

SR Swindon has flourished and goes from strength to strength, because of Brian Beattie our Project Coordinator, who is tireless in his support of the players he comes into contact with, he has an understanding of the issues, because that WAS him, and leads by example. Gathering people around him to make it happen, they all share some common characteristics ~ empathy, drive, commitment and energy on top of a willingness to learn, all needed in a true leader!!!

There are many others like them out there, our mission is to find them and empower them to be able to do what they do best and lead.

Brian Beattie(SR Swindon- Project Coordinator) and Jason Richards
Look around and spot those people who are dancing in the field and follow and become the true leaders in your community, it is that easy, just one move and it will begin for you and others.

Jon Regler(Chairman)