Meeting the right one…..

Having meet in my estimation over 500+ new people, in the last year alone. I was left pondering the question how do you know if their the right one.

I spend a lot of my time recently telling people all about Streets Revolution and answering and making thousands of calls talking about the latest project, or updating on the next move.

It’s sometimes fruitful as this week proved with plans for a new Social Enterprise spawning from that simple conversation.

It is also frustrating as seeds grow slowly and sometimes as the expression goes they ‘fall on stoney ground’.

Networking has become a BIG part of the role, I even found myself as Chairman of a network!!!

And yet I am still a novice when trying to decide who is of value? It all seems so mercenary.

I think like in the photo below we all have value, we are all different shapes and sizes, colours and opinions.

The common thread is we all should be working for a common purpose, to score that end GOAL.

You just have to stick in there long enough to find out what that is, that commonality that means WE both win !!!

So maybe the answer is there is no such thing as the right one just the right goal.