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We have been a bit quiet recently on the blog, mainly because all of us are really busy!!!

I received a a lovely email from Patrick Hato(SR Kenyan Director) with an update of the impact and stories from his project and wanted to share these with you, its so easy in all the busy times to forget what and why we do what we do.

Hopefully by reading and sharing this will continue to encourage them and others to continue or support the work they are doing and our efforts to support them.

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I would like to appreciate SR Kenya team especially my coaches for volunteering each day to coach SR Kenya teams. Since I joined SR Kenya family I have experienced a lot e.g. learning life skills and football skills.

What makes me go on playing football is because of life skills i.e. Discipline and Hard work because they are the key to success. These two things have helped me improve my talent each day.

I have also changed my behaviour since I joined SR Kenya from bad to good. I have stopped walking with bad girls company This has caused many girls to drop out of school and start taking drugs leading to unwanted pregnancies.

Through training we learn a lot and when it comes to game we enjoy a lot. I have learnt a lot in football e.g.  Ball control, passing, dribbling, shooting, crossing, team work, positioning and openings. I would like to continue like this so that I can make SR Kenya proud by playing for women National team Harambee starlet.

Last but not least I would like to appreciate my coach Patrick through SR Kenya for offering me 4 year secondary school scholarship.







Streets Revolution is the best team ever known and greatly supported by many fans. Since I joined SR Kenya I have seen great change in my life and support.SR Kenya has saved most of my time, before I used to loiter around with bad company thus my dad and mum never trusted me ,my parents’ even people in my neighborhood hated me because of fighting and quarrelling with people.

I was once suspended from school because of walking with bad company and fighting and this forced my parents to force me never to walk with friends but only relatives.

Thanks to SR Kenya for giving me direction through mentorship because most of my  mates are now married, others in prison and others got killed, Myself I have decided to focus on my academics .By being isolated by community I decided to do something in life and it’s when I came across  one of SR Kenya player who convinced me to join  their team, at first I didn’t like the idea but finally I decided to try and after a month I had already made up my mind to play for SR Kenya girls because players and coaches showed me love. Most of us  are orphan life skills have made us strong.

SR Kenya has made me recover most of my time and avoid bad girls company, football has made my mind to be free because I keep away from boys. Even if many people don’t see any change in me, myself I have improved a lot through the support I get from my coaches. And am sure I will achieve my dreams




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