Kenyan Progress

Streets revolution Kenya project members are so thankful to the SR World for their support towards streets youths since they partnered. The project which has a football team , bracelets making and currently initiating drama, traditional dances,Art,photograph,creative writing both seniors and juniors boys and girls has a total of 50 members. We started as a football team but we have experienced many youths having interest to join SR Kenya and can do other sports and have decided to co opt them.
Streets Revolution organization that uses sports and leisure as a tool to engage marginalized section of the community, Homeless, Unemployment, Mental illness, N.E.E.T’s, Disabled, Ex offenders, Asylum seekers amongst many others.

Streets Revolution Kenya seniors have played 30 friendly matches this year .The teams which SR Kenya has played are:
Kariobangi sports f.c,Tena academy f.c,Al supkem f.c,Kariobangi south f.c,Buru buru Sacramento f.c,Elevate f.c,Over coming f.c,Idomitable academy,Umoja f.c,Huruma youth,Asec f.c,Lucky summer f.c,Babado dogo f.c,Uganda school, Classic f.c,Roodney f.c,Pa parazi f.c,Malta f.c,Korogocho youth, Metro sports ,Kariobangi sharks f.c,Liberty,Bungoma youth,Pangani technical,Dandora youth f.c,Ken aric industry club,Turang f.c,Roy sambu f.c,Kasarani youth f.c,Waliotii f.c, and Olympic .SR Kenya juniors have played 25 matches, ladies have played 15 matches. During this matches it had been brilliant to us because of the uniforms, boots and balls sent to us by Jon.

Our request to SR World is to move fast so that SR Kenya can be legally registered, support us to secure our project plot build club house if possible so that some of our members can move out of streets and have somewhere to sleep during the night, support us with transport money during matches, register SR Kenya to play league and also approve our proposal so that we can be self sustainable.

We are so grateful to SR family and partnership also for the support of equipments. They have given us direction, hope and motivation here in slums through sports. We believe in long term rewards of developing our community and bring glory to our country in future.

Compiled by,
Streets Revolution Manager/Coach

Patrick Hato